6 Tips to create the perfect explainer videos

6 Tips to create the perfect explainer videos

Explainer videos help in targeting the audience in the most engaging way possible. All you need to do is make sure that you have the right kind of content for the audience that you plan to target. An explainer video that has out of the context content is going to cost you customers.

You need to follow the tips and tricks discussed below to make sure that you have the most amazing explainer videos. These tips will help keep the audience engaged.

Concentrate on the script

An explainer video explains the product in 60 to 90 seconds. This is the time frame in which you need to weave your magic. The script needs to be precise and compact. This would relate your message to the customers and also introduce the product or your service in the way you want the audience to see it. A beat-about-the-bush script will feel like a waste of time for the viewers and they might not be interested in your products at all.

Be short but be creative

Creativity does not require you to create longer scripts. You need to make sure that your message goes across. The shorter the video, the higher are the chances that it will be viewed. People prefer precise and to the point content.

Keep it as simple as possible

Trying to convey your message in the most complicated way will fail to register it with the consumers. The message needs to use simple language that helps you connect with the audience. There is literally no point in a convoluted script that people take minutes to fathom and many even fail.

Relate the benefits

Consumers usually look for the explainer videos so that they can understand how the product works and what are the benefits. Telling the features is like wasting those seconds. Features of the products can be easily found anywhere but telling the benefits and discussing it is going to help.

Using the right audio

When you are making an explainer video make sure that the audio is perfect. A poor audio is going to spoil the overall impact of the video and may even make the customers overlook video due to crackly audio.

Visuals need not be expensive

The visuals of your explainer video are important, but when you are not getting the other ingredients right, expensive and fancy visuals will not help. You need to make sure that the visuals relate the purpose of the explainer video.