Anyone Can Make Explainer Videos and Here’s why!

Anyone Can Make Explainer Videos and Here’s why!

With the rise in popularity of video marketing, everyone is in the race of making explainer videos. Engagement, higher conversion rates, and better clarity of product or services- pretty sure you won’t argue about these most obvious benefits explainer videos provide.

You want an explainer video for your business, and don’t know how to get started?

Well, here we are to help you in this matter. Basically, one can make their explainer video with three major categories; one is production companies. These are high-end productions, where explainer videos are made by professional filmmakers. The cost is you can imagine- several thousands of whatever currency you care about. Secondly, there are also many companies that specialize in making explainer videos with use of templates and professional voiceover. However, they cost significantly for their services. And the last category is “do it yourself “– here you have many options to keep your cost down. You can use some platforms which enable you to make free explainer videos. With many online explainer video tools and software available online, you can easily make one for yourself. Many small business owners or newbies prefer this category to avoid higher costs and make the video themselves.

The most important element you should consider first is the ‘script of your video’. Spend some time working out your script by yourself before you start focus on other stuff. This is because it serves as good foundation for your explainer video. A standard to follow while making script is a three-part structure. First is state the problem. Second – Introduce your product. And, thirdly, show how your product or services solves viewer’s problem. Don’t drift audience by getting into too much detail. Instead, keep it to the point.

With your script ready, next step is to start putting together a video using explainer software tools and software. One of the online tools is GoAnimate, which uses pre-made scenes and templates. So, you can just drag and drop to create your explainer video. Customize it according to your needs. Such as, you can alter the appearance and look of characters, let have some actions, and dialogues. While using this platform, it doesn’t matter if you have no background and experience to create animated explainer videos.  Pricing starts at $49 per month, which is quite reasonable for the services they offer. GoAnimate might be the right place for you as it allows one to choose from the multiple styles they offer.