Build Your Business with Explainer Videos

Build Your Business with Explainer Videos

Do you need to make more sales?

An explainer video is meant to explain your company’s product or services. People don’t give attention to boring confusing text. Instead, they invest more time on videos than texts. Average person only retains 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see. Interacting web media is proven to grow your business. With an exciting visual impact to explain your services or products, explainer videos are an excellent marketing tool.

Explainer videos help you grab your audience’s attention

The average span of a person on internet is 8 seconds. If the content on your website fails to grab their attention in eight seconds, they’ll move onto another site. Keeping this in mind, your explainer video should not include everything about your business. Filter it to the most important things you want your customers to know.

Explainer videos help you increase conversions

The longer your audience stays on your site, the more likely you are to make conversion. Your Google ranking depends on how long the customers stays on your website for, and how often. With explainer videos, you can out rank your competitors. Many brands have adopted this marketing strategy to increase their sales. Such as, CrazyEgg put an explainer video on their homepage and they experienced an increase in conversion rates by 64%!

Explainer videos clarify your brand and product

Explainer videos are an effective way to tell people the goals of your business, and the services you offer. Without your presence, explainer videos are able to help you in a way that your audience gets it immediately. It helps you pitch all over the world about your business. With so many companies to make explainer videos production, all you need is to choose the right partner to pitch your perfect story.

Explainer videos are easily shareable over the internet.

To share your perfect pitch with the world is the next big thing to do. Majority of internet users prefer to watch videos. Go ahead. Avail this opportunity. Grab their attention with your awesome explainer video about your business. Sharing is now way easier! You can upload to Wistia along with YouTube, Vimeo and more. Share on platforms where it can be viewed by thousands. Strike Internet. Bring it with you to meetings and conferences. Analyze your data and audience feedback to measure the success of business.