Want To Stand Out? Here Are Top 4 Tips for Making Attractive Explainer Videos

Customer attractiveness is one of the precious dimes you need to drive sales either on an in-store or online shop. Practically, what difference do you feel when you visit a restaurant or a mall house and when you go shopping to an old looking and unfurnished building? Even if their prices are the cheapest in town, the lack of attractiveness will be the first thing to scare you aware. This replicates to the virtual world, particularly in the marketing niche.

Considering the current market is visual-driven, creating explainer videos is not an option. Unlike olden days, people will buy your product based on how they work in reality and not on how you have stated in your descriptions. For this reason, you need to create engaging explainer videos for you to stand out. Here are surefire tips to help you succeed in this course:

Make a great first impression

For an audience to hit the play button of your videos, it must have a compelling first impression. When visitors arrive at your site, they want to get an intense experience to spend more time on it. Take it this way: you visit a restaurant or a coffee shop. No one comes to welcome you or give you direction on how to place your order. Instead, they wait for you to navigate through. How would you feel?

Disappointment and never and may be walking out will be your next course of action. In the same measure, lack of the first impression in your site will send your potential customers away. Here, you can use explainer video popups to welcome your new visitors and guide them through your site or online shop. Thus, you will enhance their experiences and woo them for next purchase.

Craft an attractive explainer video title

Like in the written content, your video titles have the power to cause an action on the customer. If it is not interesting, expect them to hit the red button at the top right corner or the back to results icon. For this reason, you need to take time to draft a title that will attract clicks and views of your videos. You need to brainstorm on what will prompt such actions.

For instance, you can come up with titles with helpful tips, how-to, secrets and so on. Importantly, you should be careful on every move to ensure your title relates to the viewer’s expectations. Otherwise be ready for a disappointment if your explainer video titles are unattractive.

Make your videos interactive

Customer engagement is not a scared sheep for the written content. It cuts across to explainer videos. One way of enhancing interaction on your videos is offering an opportunity for the customers to air their views. For instance, instead of uploading videos, you can hold webinars to educate the customers on how to use your products and offer a question and answer session. This way, you will give your customers a reason to like your products and come back to your page in the next session. Also, you can use explainer videos to inform the viewers of an upcoming webinar.

Always have up-to-date and fresh explainer videos

How would it feel when you log in to a website containing information about solving phone problems, but when you play the uploaded explainer videos, you find the content is talking about landline issues? Such an experience can be a heartbreaking one. Like any other content, your videos must contain current and up-to-date information about your product.

You should not offer written content about your new product features and accompany it with a video showing those of the outdated version. Therefore, always ensure your explainer videos are fresh and contain updated information on current product innovations and improvements.